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Understated Fine Simplicity.
honest products and be the best for your day.

DAUGHTERS JEWELRY is a new type of online jewelry shop that does not have a physical store but trustworthy online supplier of an exquisite range of handcrafted fine jewelry.

We believe that the jewelry you wear should express the unique and beautiful person that you are - both inside and out- which is why our extensive range of fine jewelry allows you to select pieces that can showcase your individual style and taste.

All our pieces are made with great care, love and pride and we ensure that we always work according to the very highest standards of quality and workmanship.

With exceptional customer service, reliability and professionalism being at the heart of all we do here, you can rely on us to answer any questions or queries you may have regarding our items as soon as possible..

About our environmentally friendly management efforts

Online operation without a physical store.

Limited to mail-order sales that sell directly to customers. We strive to reduce labor costs and operating costs, and achieve high quality and low prices for each product.

Reduction of operating costs

We are working to reduce advertising costs. For luxury jewelery production, we have achieved a low price without large-scale photography or seasonal catalog book production.

Simple packaging

We will eliminate the use of excess plastic when shipping products and continue to work on reducing packaging.